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Disaster Planning and Response for Large buildings, Property Managers and Associations and Large Loss Contractors

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If you’ve been paying attention to the news or social media over the last several years, hurricanes are bigger and stronger than ever before. They are happening more frequently than ever as evidenced by the 2020 season where named storms broke into the Greek alphabet for just the second time in history!

Disasters like tornados, flooding (think, Michigan, New York and New Jersey), deep freezing in southern areas ( Texas, OK, Tennessee, AR), and record setting wildfires out West (Caldor, Camp and Dixie fires) happen with more frequency and produce more damage every year.

2020 had over $119 Billion in sustained damages so far.* that tally is likely to go up as claims settle and adjust.

The need to be prepared is greater than ever and so are the consequences for not being prepared. Mother Nature is unpredictable enough! Don’t leave your business or community exposed to uncertainty.

Good management involves being prepared and having a response plan.

Disaster Response Planning

– Annual Building Risk
– Identification of Coverage
– Creation of Catastrophic Loss
Response Plans
– Education forums for residents, tenants and owners
– Assistance in vetting
response team members.
– Needs Analysis

Complex Building Damage Evaluation

– Damage Assessments
– Scope of Work Design
– Moisture Mapping/Leak
– Environmental Consulting
– Drying and Stabilization
– Drone Discovery

Continuous support year round

– Small to medium sized
complications such as water
line breaks, roof leaks,
sewage back flow
– Asbestos testing
– Mold testing
– Lead Paint Testing
– ICRA Certified

Benefits of working with

Clean Environmental Solutions


Our comprehensive methods have been hailed as some of the most thorough and best in the industry by peers.

Immediate Response

As a program participant, we guarantee you first priority response over other calls for assistance.


You can rest assured that our people will treat your building as if we lived there too. We approach each job asking “If this were my building, how would I treat the problem?”

Planning before the storm

An experienced property manager prepares in advance. How would you answer the following questions?

Planning before the storm

An experienced property manager prepares in advance. How would you answer the following questions?

Act now and be prepared!

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The real cost of not being prepared

What you can Expect from CES

The truth is...

A single natural disaster can wipe out an entire business infrastructure in minutes that once took years to build.

Many companies suffer tremendous loss on a variety of irreparable levels after major property damage. What separates businesses that survive and thrive from those that never recover and die, are the preparedness steps made before any such disaster took place.

Impulsive decisions are often emotional and expensive when made under pressure and are often detrimental to companies in crisis situations.

Having an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) in place prior to a traumatic event can prevent costly and critical mistakes from happening.

Creating an Emergency Action Plan with Clean Environmental Solutions will provide your company with the peace of mind, confidence and comfort necessary to run day-to-day operations by giving you a clear plan of action to follow when recovery is necessary in the middle of corporate chaos.

Stop guessing if your property is prepared for the next catastrophe.

Remember, it’s not if it will happen, it’s when it will.

We don’t just get the job done. We treat your property like our own. Clean Environmental Solutions is the industry leading provider for third party damage assessments, moisture mapping and consulting services on large scale projects.

Moisture Intrusion

Moisture maps are photographs and drawings of affected surfaces that allow us to see the corresponding moisture levels for your structure.

Building Performance

These moisture maps serve also as a means of archiving vital information for reference in future building diagnostic projects.

Building Performance

The Moisture maps allow the us to clearly visualize the water migration and delineate the dry areas from the wet areas, and the varying degrees of water damage within the structure.

Clients Served

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3 Simple Steps to Assessing Your Structure

With Clean Environmental Solutions you can trust us to guide you every step of the way to help you save money and reduce future damage.

Step 1

Perform a Damage Assessment

Evaluate all affected components of your building that may have been affected by the event.

Be prepared to discover damages that aren’t immediately visible.

Step 2

Mitigate Issues or Remove Contamination

Hire a certified company trained in restoring properties with the type of damage sustained by your building.

Step 3

Final Inspection and Approval

Once the restoration has been completed, you will call Clean Environmental for a Post-Mitigation Damage Assessment.

Once no issues are found Clean Environmental Solutions will provide the building owner and insurance company a detailed completion report complete with before and after photos showing that the building has been properly dried.

Why use clean environmental solutions

Our mission at our company is to outstanding service with honesty, integrity and efficiency. Our goal is to leave every property owner with a full understanding of their condition and where to begin the process of recovery. We only make recommendations that are suitable for the situation.

We are the most trusted and reliable damage consulting company in the Southeastern United States.